Whoa! O look…a wild update appears!

First off, HELLO! It’s been so long since people have had a proper update on what we’ve been up to as a guild. To be honest, it’s business as usual. We’re excited to share this update with you and hope you find it fun and humorous.

Since the last update, there have been 587 logged raids! That’s a lot of neck beard! In that time, we’ve had some great wins and some tragic losses.

Live Look at us calculating our kill lists…

People usually come to guild sites to look at kills, items gained, etc…well that would be a massive update and ain’t no one got time for that. So instead, I’ll let 3 pics describe the last months.

Here’s a look at the only kill lists that matter since the last update in June!

Out of the 21 King Tormaxs we were eligible for (more on what *eligible* means later…) we won 18 of them.

Out of 21 Dozekars we were eligible* for  we won 15 of them.

Ok so how about Vulak?

Out of 16 Vulaks we were eligible* for, we won 12 of them.

There are WAAAAYYYYY too many pixels to even begin talking about. But…they’ve been flowing. Some of the items that TOV dragons drop is just complete garbage…but that doesn’t stop our resident used car salesman Dannyl from getting people to try and bid DKP on them!

Here’s some pics of some of the fun we’ve had and random pics that people sent me.


In other news, we started doing PoSky on Saturday mornings!! It’s been years since most of us have been in there! But, there is still plenty of love and hatred for the damned zoned, as many of us raided it for YEARS! Alas, shamans want FD rings, wizards want new jewelry, and EVERYONE wants their alt gear!

We’ve also been paying attention to some of the random fun going on around the server and thought we’d mention a few of our favorites here on the page!

The book is, indeed, not up.

We’re glad you’re back pals!!!

Aftermath and Tempest are also hard at work locking down the “mini game” of camping idols…


NOW! On to more entertaining things. We’re always busy killing some sort of mob or event in EQ, but we find the time to relax and have some fun together as well. I decided the best way to share some of the laughs we’ve had over countless things, was just to post some of them. Enjoy!



Nilbog…we love you!

Yay for pull teams!


Tempest has the BEST lawyers around! Although…we’ve got some killer legs!

This is what happens in AM Officer chat….

We even hate on ourselves!!!


And last…but o soooo not least…a COMPLETE SECTION dedicated to TEMPEST MEMEs!

Tempest Recruitment Ad…

Grats KELZA on his BiS Bard in 3 weeks!! Just LOOK at those Ruby Tear prices in Tempest!!

Meanwhile…here’s what they cost in Aftermath…

Ok ok…I’ve had enough fun updating this, hope you all got a good laugh. We make memes and jokes aimed at all in good fun. We do appreciate the competition and rivalries we have because THAT’S what makes EQ so much fun. Congrats AG and PS on your continued success as well!  – Darkmannx OUT!