The holidays are here!


Welcome back to another lively update from your neighbors here at Aftermath! This week was Thanksgiving!

Thankfully, we didn’t end up having a repop on turkey day, but nonetheless, we had ANOTHER great week!

Out of the 31 mobs that we consider raid mobs, we got 19 this week! The rest were split among the other raiding guilds, which is mainly Azure Guard, Paradigm Shift…………and Tempest.

Here’s a look back to last year and the fun we had then! Thankfully, no repops this Thanksgiving…so our families actually saw us leave our basements!

Whelp…this has been fun talking about pixels and stupid kills. On to the fun stuff!


Monrezz gets a makeover!

Detoxx is cheating on us…but fails still.

We crawled ST for fun! Only got a “priceless” 1hb out of it…but we had a good time!

We had a surprise break in to PoG the other week when PS/Euros planned on doing it…


I’m sure there’s many more screenshots of things that have gone on, but people didn’t send me anything….SOOOO on to the next!


Then there’s this rando….

NOW on to the MAIN EVENT!!!!


SK pets can dps…lawl

RIP Dannyl.

I didn’t get a shot on the message in group…so this will have to work!

Enibas and Mgkida are drug dealers and pimps…

Mage Epics…

Aikons moved to America and is now a Fat Viking.

Yudan works at Pornhub…

Tomato vs all, Mayo, Siracha, & Mexican food inc.

We have noobs in AM…

It’s magic…

When we fail at AoW x2…we can make fun of ourselves!

Literally Dannyl every night during cycle….

Aikons is from the Netherlands…


Alfredd LOVES Sleeper’s Tomb…

Paradigm Shift almost got Eashan this last time!

Aftermath has the best lawyers! Just LOOK at those manly hands!

Basim passing off his unwanted shaman duties to a new app…

Fuckin Conda…lol <3


Ahhh that was fun, many good laughs were had at all of this! OK OK, now on to the last section that we always LOVE makin memes for….




Kelza was BAMBOOZLED that he leashed KT…so we had fun with that…


Whelp…this has been fun. I enjoy writing up these updates, even though they take WAAAYYY too long. As always, I hope you all had some good laughs, as this is just a game and we play it for the fun. Nothing here is really meant to offend any one, unless you’re Kelza. Thanks for reading through the update and let me know if you enjoyed reading this! Especially if you’re in a guild other than Aftermath!