Hello Update My Old Friend


Welcome back everyone to an exciting update!!!

Seeing as it’s been forever since the last update…be warned…this is about to be a HUGE update. First off, let’s start with the kill lists, as some people enjoy seeing this stuff (I don’t care).

First off, we have logged 223 raids since the last update…

And it’s been a mixed bag of awesome loot and really, really terrible loot!

Let’s take a look at the kill list of mobs that we consider some of the best!



Ok, so now comes the time to write a story, in the form of memes, to describe what has gone on since the last update. Strap in and strap on! Here we go!

First off…we have a new Bingo game to describe every cycle!




We REALLY like that Tunare’s loot table has been fixed. We’ve gotten pretty lucky and had a couple of 4 drop Tunare lately, all with pretty nice drops!

In other news…all our monks really like logging in for VULAK!


Just to have a NECRO snipe an Abashi’s Staff! HA!


Alfredd and DMX…a love story.


Cyverr has really been bugging me lately to put out another update…actually…everyone has been bugging me about it lately.

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Also on Teamspeak…we always seem to have a fun time during raids, especially in the early AM hours.


Sometimes…Conda can be a kill joy though…


I’m gonna pick on Cyverr a little here…but he’s a pal!


He doesn’t like Troilizm…at all.


He really loves his DJ channel!


Manasana has some strange fascination with pulling Lord Koi…

We aren’t quite sure where it comes from, but we nod our heads and let him have his fun.


Ralug has been quite the team player lately, baby gurl!


TEAMFAT had our annual photo shoot…


Elzhi keeps hosting his popular training sessions….


When 2 bard apps unite….


Maison FINALLY got his Vulak Axe!


Chexi on the other hand got her Tunare 2hs….


Life after Vulak Pison….



Zipity keeps showing up to Gorenaire raids hoping to get a White Scale…but he’s STILL under 10% Raid Attendence!



I’m gonna go ahead and show some respect to the REAL raid MVP….

When 2 AI Combine…Zarza and Kelza..


Speaking of Zarza…he’s hilarious!

Love was found in Faydark!


Detoxx likes to continually remind us how he saves mobs…(sometimes). His latest example is Doze…

He also likes to remind us he had the server first 7k war…..

Btw…that 7k didn’t save you on AoW….


Jestuh has a REALLY nice and well thought out gaming area!

Twochain decided to post his…



Conda is a bit of a legend, self proclaimed, around Aftermath. So, I decided to make an entire section in honor of the hero! So here’s the good stuff…


AG recently beat Conda…the LEGEND! to an Ikitair FTE.





Well…it’s been quite eventful on the server since the last update! THE CHARDOK PATCH WENT LIVE!!!

Grats to all who have the fancy Spirit Wracked Cords so far! Diamondfist, Kelza, Floppin, Detoxx, Kkobe, and others!


Before the patch, February seemed to come and go without a quake in sight! Rogean and Nilbog were playing with our emotions!

A gaggle of guilds was gathered outside of PoFear waiting for CT to spawn!

As soon as CT spawned, a mad race was on! Guilds poured in and the race for golems and CT was on! AM was able to secure the CT fte, but before we were able to kill him…this happened…EARTHQUAKE!!!!

Paradigm Shift shared their voice comms with us….it was hilarious!

Unfortunately, I couldn’t find comms of our teamspeak during earthquake…but Alfredd remade the experience below…


Also…we ALMOST┬áhad a TOV rotation put in by Guide Braknar and every guild lost their minds! Thankfully, Rogean chimed in…

Ouch…whelp, let’s hope that rotations wont be a thing any time soon.

Here’s another gem of a post from the P99 Facebook group…


Also…politics has found it’s way into the P99 wiki…

Funny Names and Screenshots!

No one likes Boutik.



Here’s some light reading for your enjoyment…



Core and AG have both been providing some awesome competition throughout Norrath the last month and we love it! Cheers to a continued healthy relationship between all guilds…thank god Tempest is gone! Although, Blood Guard is slowly trying to take their place…at least in the “acting like an asshole” department.

Congrats Core on your first Vulak! Huge accomplishment!

Franswa with the SICK Dagarn leashing move! Mad respect!

Also congrats Azure Guard on your first Vulak kill in a while as well!


Now…speaking of Blood Guard. They really like to try and bully people to get their way…

Sounds like a great guild leader….

We enjoyed the bank funds though <3

All good though, this is about as much attention as they will receive from me.

Karma happens~

I guess they want to try PoG? Nope.

Speaking of other guilds and PoG

I like Paradigm Shift, I feel for you guys! I hope you’re freed from your Tunare loot prison in 2019.



This Dial A Port guy is awesome!


App Heaven…what a place!



Poor Tofat…



Lewkeng fell asleep while tracking Yelinak…

OOF…time is rough on some people….

Speaking of time being rough on some people….



Whelp….this update may have rustled some feathers, but I think everyone involved has had some good laughs at our journeys through elf land together. As always, I hope everyone takes this as fun and humor! Thanks for hanging in there with me and reading through all of this stuff!!!!



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