Welcome to the home of <Aftermath> a top-end raiding guild on P1999.

What are our goals?

Our goal is to be the very best while maintaining an environment that you enjoy playing in. We cultivate friendships, and relationships that last years across many games.
Playing EverQuest should not feel like a job, and you should enjoy your guildmates. A lot of guilds prioritize the pixels — we prioritize the player.

What content have we defeated?

We are the only active guild on Project 1999 to kill ALL raid content — Including Sontalak.

How does Aftermath handle loot?

We use a DKP system. All full members are allowed to bid equally for all of their characters except for Dozekar the Cursed, Vulak`Aerr, and Tunare. These three targets are mains-only. Meaning, if you want to deck out your alts.. Go for it!

What are Aftermath’s requirements?

  • We currently require all applicants seeking formal recruitment status to be a minimum of level 58.
  • Certain items are required to make full member status.
  • A minimum of 125 MR is required.

How do I apply?

Submit an application here. You will then be contacted by Sedyt, Merodach, or another officer to begin the application process. You should try to contact an officer proactively. Your application period is 30 days from the day invited.