April Sweeping Leads to May Riots?!


Well hello everyone! Welcome back to a long awaited update…you addicts WOULD NOT STOP messaging me about this stupid update! So…here it is!!

This pretty much summons up raiding since the last update in March….

The Battle of the Bastards…

Some people say that a picture is worth a thousand words…so…lets just put our recent successes into picture format! First off…we’ve logged 280 RAIDS since the last update!!!!!! O_O


O…speaking of kills…



At this point…it’s getting a little silly. Anyway! On to some more joyful stuff!

ROOTE VULAK DOWN…a few times.


Grats you lucky monks!!!


O…I guess Zarza won a robe also…


Well, seeing as it’s been forever since the last update, you could imagine we’ve kept ourselves pretty busy. Here’s a few screenshots showcasing a few of the adventures!


The great Sont wipe of 2019!


I really love crawling to Kerafyrms lair in ST…this thing is SOOOO COOOL!



I think this is the one that dropped a child’s tear for shaman epic…too bad TOFAT didn’t win…

Meanwhile….Kelza gets a Ring 10 on his level 9 enchanter!

The amazing Aikons always likes showing us how to pull….

Then does silly stuff like this….


O whoops…that wasn’t meant to go there! Stupid tourettes!


Wow…where do I start?! Maybe here….




If you happen to live under a rock, you might not have noticed that there are some new staff lurking around the server lately!

Rogean and Nilbog have been busy beavers getting rid of an old guide, bringing on new people, and announcing a new server!

RIP Braknar!

But he was replaced with 4 new guides, who I’ve really enjoyed chatting with and seeing how they interact with the player base so far 🙂

Here’s how they were chosen!


So far, I really like these new guides 🙂 Congrats on the new gigs and we appreciate everything you all do!

ROOTED DRAGONS! OMG! – Yes…I will now be subheading all things in green!


Because the dragons in TOV were rooted in the last few months…we’ve had a fun time learning all the new strats! I for one enjoy the crawl and the new meta…even if others don’t share my view!




Here’s a shot of the guild moving through TOV on the first night!


Overall…it was a pretty fun night! We went from this kind of harmony…

To this kind of harmony!

I think AG had fun though!



THE LEGEND OF DOTGUV (the story of a former applicant kicked from Aftermath)

We’ve had fun making inside jokes of this guy after he was kicked from the guild. Not to be mean…but he went AFK…a lot, but still tried to claim credit for kills. So much, in fact, that it has become a meme. Have you seen Dotguv?

If you look really close…he’s actually in this picture! (lower left corner)


Rest in peace dear hero…may your Feigned Death pose follow you everywhere!



Lately in TOV…it’s been a pretty recurring them to see 2-5 guilds all teaming up to kill 1 dragon. That really sucks for all those guilds.

So the first month of rooted dragons was pretty rough for the rest of the guilds on the server. But…out of the sponge that collected all those tears…


With the promise of pixels to satisfy their lust…2 of the server bad girls joined together to form RIOT!


This is what was promised and promoted. But…if history is any judge of the future, this is more likely the outcome.


Whelp…I’m gonna stop here before I end up on a RNF thread….



With the release of Chardok 2.0, there’s been quite a furry feet frenzy for my fellow bard and rogues. I thought I’d take a moment to show off some of the fashion of these sexy halflings!

woooo lookin good ya’ll!



One of the more recent patches released a fun toy in Plane of Mischief known as the “Blam Stick”

Ever since then, it was fabled to have as good of DPS as the some of the most touted DPS weapons around! This caused a frenzy of AM members to descend on PoM and farm the poop outta this!




I tried to play an April fools joke on my guild, announcing that we were going to be rotating Tunare and ALL city leaders….this is the result.

Aikons jumped in also!



This looks weird…nice strat PLOX!



Double Whelp………

Frapsing is a big deal during a raid…




I have no idea how all of this crap has transpired over the last 2 months. I’ve been delaying even releasing an update because it’s almost overwhelming to make memes and put this all in an update! I hope you all have enjoyed it and got a few laughs. I know many people from other guilds end up reading the update. Just know, all these gifs and memes are all in fun, I really do enjoy playing with most people on the server and love the competition that everyone brings. Here’s to riding this out to Green99 in October! I’m super pumped for a fresh server!



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Hello Update My Old Friend


Welcome back everyone to an exciting update!!!

Seeing as it’s been forever since the last update…be warned…this is about to be a HUGE update. First off, let’s start with the kill lists, as some people enjoy seeing this stuff (I don’t care).

First off, we have logged 223 raids since the last update…

And it’s been a mixed bag of awesome loot and really, really terrible loot!

Let’s take a look at the kill list of mobs that we consider some of the best!



Ok, so now comes the time to write a story, in the form of memes, to describe what has gone on since the last update. Strap in and strap on! Here we go!

First off…we have a new Bingo game to describe every cycle!




We REALLY like that Tunare’s loot table has been fixed. We’ve gotten pretty lucky and had a couple of 4 drop Tunare lately, all with pretty nice drops!

In other news…all our monks really like logging in for VULAK!


Just to have a NECRO snipe an Abashi’s Staff! HA!


Alfredd and DMX…a love story.


Cyverr has really been bugging me lately to put out another update…actually…everyone has been bugging me about it lately.

View post on imgur.com


Also on Teamspeak…we always seem to have a fun time during raids, especially in the early AM hours.


Sometimes…Conda can be a kill joy though…


I’m gonna pick on Cyverr a little here…but he’s a pal!


He doesn’t like Troilizm…at all.


He really loves his DJ channel!


Manasana has some strange fascination with pulling Lord Koi…

We aren’t quite sure where it comes from, but we nod our heads and let him have his fun.


Ralug has been quite the team player lately, baby gurl!


TEAMFAT had our annual photo shoot…


Elzhi keeps hosting his popular training sessions….


When 2 bard apps unite….


Maison FINALLY got his Vulak Axe!


Chexi on the other hand got her Tunare 2hs….


Life after Vulak Pison….



Zipity keeps showing up to Gorenaire raids hoping to get a White Scale…but he’s STILL under 10% Raid Attendence!



I’m gonna go ahead and show some respect to the REAL raid MVP….

When 2 AI Combine…Zarza and Kelza..


Speaking of Zarza…he’s hilarious!

Love was found in Faydark!


Detoxx likes to continually remind us how he saves mobs…(sometimes). His latest example is Doze…

He also likes to remind us he had the server first 7k war…..

Btw…that 7k didn’t save you on AoW….


Jestuh has a REALLY nice and well thought out gaming area!

Twochain decided to post his…



Conda is a bit of a legend, self proclaimed, around Aftermath. So, I decided to make an entire section in honor of the hero! So here’s the good stuff…


AG recently beat Conda…the LEGEND! to an Ikitair FTE.





Well…it’s been quite eventful on the server since the last update! THE CHARDOK PATCH WENT LIVE!!!

Grats to all who have the fancy Spirit Wracked Cords so far! Diamondfist, Kelza, Floppin, Detoxx, Kkobe, and others!


Before the patch, February seemed to come and go without a quake in sight! Rogean and Nilbog were playing with our emotions!

A gaggle of guilds was gathered outside of PoFear waiting for CT to spawn!

As soon as CT spawned, a mad race was on! Guilds poured in and the race for golems and CT was on! AM was able to secure the CT fte, but before we were able to kill him…this happened…EARTHQUAKE!!!!

Paradigm Shift shared their voice comms with us….it was hilarious!

Unfortunately, I couldn’t find comms of our teamspeak during earthquake…but Alfredd remade the experience below…


Also…we ALMOST had a TOV rotation put in by Guide Braknar and every guild lost their minds! Thankfully, Rogean chimed in…

Ouch…whelp, let’s hope that rotations wont be a thing any time soon.

Here’s another gem of a post from the P99 Facebook group…


Also…politics has found it’s way into the P99 wiki…

Funny Names and Screenshots!

No one likes Boutik.



Here’s some light reading for your enjoyment…



Core and AG have both been providing some awesome competition throughout Norrath the last month and we love it! Cheers to a continued healthy relationship between all guilds…thank god Tempest is gone! Although, Blood Guard is slowly trying to take their place…at least in the “acting like an asshole” department.

Congrats Core on your first Vulak! Huge accomplishment!

Franswa with the SICK Dagarn leashing move! Mad respect!

Also congrats Azure Guard on your first Vulak kill in a while as well!


Now…speaking of Blood Guard. They really like to try and bully people to get their way…

Sounds like a great guild leader….

We enjoyed the bank funds though <3

All good though, this is about as much attention as they will receive from me.

Karma happens~

I guess they want to try PoG? Nope.

Speaking of other guilds and PoG

I like Paradigm Shift, I feel for you guys! I hope you’re freed from your Tunare loot prison in 2019.



This Dial A Port guy is awesome!


App Heaven…what a place!



Poor Tofat…



Lewkeng fell asleep while tracking Yelinak…

OOF…time is rough on some people….

Speaking of time being rough on some people….



Whelp….this update may have rustled some feathers, but I think everyone involved has had some good laughs at our journeys through elf land together. As always, I hope everyone takes this as fun and humor! Thanks for hanging in there with me and reading through all of this stuff!!!!



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Protected: Secret Tempest Memes

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Vulak Is Back On The Menu!

Well Hello There, Again!

Well hello there, again! Welcome back to another fantabulous update about what’s been going on lately with Aftermath!

First and foremost. Here’s an update on how we did this last cycle, with the only mobs that really matter.

That’s right! After having to concede 4 Vulaks, we finally jumped back in the mix and GOTTUM! The stand off in TOV was pretty intense. It lasted about 5 hours and we saw multiple guilds fighting over mobs in TOV. It was fun to hang out with our elf pals!

Grats Kkobe on his fancy new Gharns!

Ahhh that was fun. I think we tallied up the numbers and we ended up with 23 mobs this last cycle…Tempest got 4?

Whelp…that was a fun cycle and it’s been a few weeks since we’ve had an update! Here are some pics to show some of the fun we’ve had!



We’ve had some pretty exciting stuff happen over the last few weeks on P99! I won’t go into the details about GM related stuff, that’s not appropriate! BUT!

Paradigm Shift and Euromni went out to kill Tunare last week. It took 12 hours and they weren’t able to kill her. AG came to the rescue though, and ended up looting the Sap, Europa got the belt, and Paradigm Shift got the SHAFT.


We had some guild bonding time with other guilds during the Vulak Sock.


We also found a random player with an awesome name!


In other news, Azure Guard started competing more heavily in VP, which has been a lot fun! Recently, we got this gem on video and had some fun with it. Thanks Valick for the laughs!

Also…we found an Azure Guard shaman that, we think, was new to TOV and went exploring…not the best zone to do that in!


Now on to the part everyone looks forward to each update!


Henrique…you make no sense. Maybe YOU should be better at recruiting? Lawl

What?! Uhhh lemme check my world calendar…

He’s Aikons…but better?


PS felt sad after that Tunare…

We don’t know why either Jestuh…


Aikons is loving Texas! Here’s his new look when he steps up on the FTE line…

Shadowdinah training his mini mes

Furo made an attempt to FTE on his monk…he makes the Aary jump about as well as Floppedum…

For a reminder of how awesome Floppedum is at jumps…

Chee loves random apps!

View post on imgur.com

Speaking of new apps…Tofat is loving it!

Animated GIF - Find & Share on GIPHY

Animated GIF - Find & Share on GIPHY

Common sight here… 😛

We’re sorry to break this to you Tempest…but Vulak has moved on.


Fucking Monrezz and his rolls….



Ok…so Cheddy likes to go AFK a lot…so some of us started having some fun with it…and now it’s morphing out of control!!


Btw….WTB more screenshots of Cheddy tossing your salad! Feel free to PM them to me for the next update!

Ahhh what a fun update! Now on to my favorite section!


Bellringer pissed off Swiftyfist and ended up booting him! Right after Swifty finally got his Gharn’s too…Swifty is the real winner here…

O Chillwin…what would we do without you.

Just remember Tempest…whenever you get a mob…we’ll be there to cheer you on!


Thanks for checking out our webpage for another update! I hope you all had some laughs at the crazy times these last few weeks brought. As always, everything here is just for fun and laughs, hopefully no one takes offense at any of the jokes and screenshots presented! If you did…well…

Thanks for tuning in!


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The holidays are here!


Welcome back to another lively update from your neighbors here at Aftermath! This week was Thanksgiving!

Thankfully, we didn’t end up having a repop on turkey day, but nonetheless, we had ANOTHER great week!

Out of the 31 mobs that we consider raid mobs, we got 19 this week! The rest were split among the other raiding guilds, which is mainly Azure Guard, Paradigm Shift…………and Tempest.

Here’s a look back to last year and the fun we had then! Thankfully, no repops this Thanksgiving…so our families actually saw us leave our basements!

Whelp…this has been fun talking about pixels and stupid kills. On to the fun stuff!


Monrezz gets a makeover!

Detoxx is cheating on us…but fails still.

We crawled ST for fun! Only got a “priceless” 1hb out of it…but we had a good time!

We had a surprise break in to PoG the other week when PS/Euros planned on doing it…


I’m sure there’s many more screenshots of things that have gone on, but people didn’t send me anything….SOOOO on to the next!


Then there’s this rando….

NOW on to the MAIN EVENT!!!!


SK pets can dps…lawl

RIP Dannyl.

I didn’t get a shot on the message in group…so this will have to work!

Enibas and Mgkida are drug dealers and pimps…

Mage Epics…

Aikons moved to America and is now a Fat Viking.

Yudan works at Pornhub…

Tomato vs all, Mayo, Siracha, & Mexican food inc.

We have noobs in AM…

It’s magic…

When we fail at AoW x2…we can make fun of ourselves!

Literally Dannyl every night during cycle….

Aikons is from the Netherlands…


Alfredd LOVES Sleeper’s Tomb…

Paradigm Shift almost got Eashan this last time!

Aftermath has the best lawyers! Just LOOK at those manly hands!

Basim passing off his unwanted shaman duties to a new app…

Fuckin Conda…lol <3


Ahhh that was fun, many good laughs were had at all of this! OK OK, now on to the last section that we always LOVE makin memes for….




Kelza was BAMBOOZLED that he leashed KT…so we had fun with that…


Whelp…this has been fun. I enjoy writing up these updates, even though they take WAAAYYY too long. As always, I hope you all had some good laughs, as this is just a game and we play it for the fun. Nothing here is really meant to offend any one, unless you’re Kelza. Thanks for reading through the update and let me know if you enjoyed reading this! Especially if you’re in a guild other than Aftermath!



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Still Rollin…in memes.

Well hello again! Somehow, whoever runs this website let me unleash another update on the world…so I hope you enjoy!

First off, we had another great cycle! We were able to down:

  • Tunare
  • Avatar of War
  • Dozekar the Cursed
  • Dain
  • Yelinak
  • King Tormax
  • Phara Dar
  • Hoshkar
  • Trakanon x2
  • Aaryonar
  • Lord Koi Doken
  • Eashan of the Sky
  • Lord Nagafen
  • Lendiniara the Keeper
  • Jorlleag
  • Zlandicar
  • MotG
  • The Final Arbitar x2
  • Prog x2
  • Ring War
  • Ikitair the Venom
  • Cekenar
  • Zlexak
  • Sevalak

Wow…that was annoying writing that all out. I also think I was flexin IRL while writing it!

We actually entered SOOO much stuff that was backlogged, that our database went down!! A live look at Sedyt during this….

Now, I want to take a moment to thank Azure Guard for joining us on early morning Phara Dar and Avatar of War kills! By 9am, we had about 100 nerds between our 2 guilds online, ready to take down the big bad Avatar of War!

Grats Azure Guard on PD Robe/Ear and Ring of Destruction! (Also…Monrezz is banned from all future rolling duties)

Let’s check out some screen shots of all the fun things that have gone on since our last update!

Tunare got dat Rump a Dump!


The Great Skeleton Ring War!



This last week deemed to be pretty quiet as far as server drama…the biggest news of the week came from Tempest (go figure) claiming to be self righteous and then having one of their members try and foil me handing in for Ring War by sticking a bat wing in my trade window!!

A few days after this occurred, we spotted Bonniz in TOV, apparently never having got suspended from it. We saw her with some new equipment too!

Shadowdinah got 30 days for trying to get a mage ressed that Tempest killed…Bonniz raid interferes and walks free. Seems legit.

We also figured we’d give Tricket from Dawn Believers 1 more shout out for entertainment with the following GIF…


MEANWHILE…In Old Sebilis….we topped out at 263 people all waiting for Trakanon to spawn!

Now on to the section that I most look forward to writing! The meme’s got pretty spicy this update and we’ve been adding more and more gifs to the arsenal!!

Enjoy pals!


Enib really wanted a HoT symbol that dropped…


Conda even makes our Resident AI, Zarza, scared….

2 MEMEs in 1!!

Kekian owns a AirBNB….he let Monrezz stay at it…which spawned this meme!

Alfredd loves ST soo much…



We had a few fun things transpire this cycle too! We found out that a judgment that was thrown out, because it wasn’t a good one, was placed back in. So now…Tempest gets 4 free vulaks! It’s probably a good thing they get all these free mobs from us, otherwise their members might revolt and morph into a guild actually worth calling “competition”.

They also tried to end our player agreement on trips without telling us..



Wow…how the hell did we get so many MEMEs and stuff!? Going through it all…that took WAAYYY longer than I thought to write this dang update!

Again, like last update, this guild update was meant to provide some laughs and fun. If you took offense to any of this…

Thanks for the fun and see you guys at the next update!! – Darkmannx OUT!


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Whoa! O look…a wild update appears!

First off, HELLO! It’s been so long since people have had a proper update on what we’ve been up to as a guild. To be honest, it’s business as usual. We’re excited to share this update with you and hope you find it fun and humorous.

Since the last update, there have been 587 logged raids! That’s a lot of neck beard! In that time, we’ve had some great wins and some tragic losses.

Live Look at us calculating our kill lists…

People usually come to guild sites to look at kills, items gained, etc…well that would be a massive update and ain’t no one got time for that. So instead, I’ll let 3 pics describe the last months.

Here’s a look at the only kill lists that matter since the last update in June!

Out of the 21 King Tormaxs we were eligible for (more on what *eligible* means later…) we won 18 of them.

Out of 21 Dozekars we were eligible* for  we won 15 of them.

Ok so how about Vulak?

Out of 16 Vulaks we were eligible* for, we won 12 of them.

There are WAAAAYYYYY too many pixels to even begin talking about. But…they’ve been flowing. Some of the items that TOV dragons drop is just complete garbage…but that doesn’t stop our resident used car salesman Dannyl from getting people to try and bid DKP on them!

Here’s some pics of some of the fun we’ve had and random pics that people sent me.


In other news, we started doing PoSky on Saturday mornings!! It’s been years since most of us have been in there! But, there is still plenty of love and hatred for the damned zoned, as many of us raided it for YEARS! Alas, shamans want FD rings, wizards want new jewelry, and EVERYONE wants their alt gear!

We’ve also been paying attention to some of the random fun going on around the server and thought we’d mention a few of our favorites here on the page!

The book is, indeed, not up.

We’re glad you’re back pals!!!

Aftermath and Tempest are also hard at work locking down the “mini game” of camping idols…


NOW! On to more entertaining things. We’re always busy killing some sort of mob or event in EQ, but we find the time to relax and have some fun together as well. I decided the best way to share some of the laughs we’ve had over countless things, was just to post some of them. Enjoy!



Nilbog…we love you!

Yay for pull teams!


Tempest has the BEST lawyers around! Although…we’ve got some killer legs!

This is what happens in AM Officer chat….

We even hate on ourselves!!!


And last…but o soooo not least…a COMPLETE SECTION dedicated to TEMPEST MEMEs!

Tempest Recruitment Ad…

Grats KELZA on his BiS Bard in 3 weeks!! Just LOOK at those Ruby Tear prices in Tempest!!

Meanwhile…here’s what they cost in Aftermath…

Ok ok…I’ve had enough fun updating this, hope you all got a good laugh. We make memes and jokes aimed at all in good fun. We do appreciate the competition and rivalries we have because THAT’S what makes EQ so much fun. Congrats AG and PS on your continued success as well!  – Darkmannx OUT!

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